Do your record racks require assembly?

No.  Our record racks are assembled before they are shipped.  Our Tretina and Morad Unit require customers to assemble legs on the unit, which are predrilled and hardware is provided.  The Album Stand requires customers to place metal rods in the base of the stand.

How do I clean or dust the items I purchase from prathermade?

All of our products can be cleaned with any all natural cleaner and lint free cloth.  Record racks and ledges purchased before 3/2018 can be lightly oiled with Danish Oil.  Since 3/2018 all record storage products are finished with water based polyurethane and will not take oil.  

What kind of stain do you use on your record racks and record ledges?

We use General Finishes brand stain.  Stain A is Brown Mahogany, stain B is American Oak,  stain C is Java. Each of our stains are urethane fortified and non toxic after drying.  Stain is applied to each product by hand.  Our stains are an oil based gel stain.

What if my item arrives damaged?

When we package orders, they are wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and packaged in a corrugated card board box with peanuts and any other necessary packing materials.  Occasionally, despite our packaging and fragile stickers, items can become damaged in the mail.  All of our packages are insured.  If you'd like to file a claim with the USPS you are welcome to.  If you would like us to file the claim, please email us with photos of the product.  From there we'll start the claim process and refund or remake your order.  

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes!  Please visit our contact page to tell us what sort of design you have in mind.

Where do you get your materials?

Visit our page Who We Are, to learn about where we source our materials.

When will my order ship?

Record racks and multi length record ledges ship within 1-3 weeks of purchase.  Home + Living Collection items will ship within 1-5 days.  Larger items such as the Tretina or Morad ship in 6-8 weeks. Each item should list a turn around time on the specific listing.  

I'm confused.  Can I call you on the phone?

Absolutely.  Our office phone number is 330-852-5210.  Hours are 9a-5p EST.

I don't see photos of the stain options.  Where can I find them?

Scroll through to the last photo of the listing you're interested in.  They are most likely the last photo and you just didn't go far enough.  No worries.

Can I use my 10% discount on custom orders?

Nope.  Sorry!

Why is shipping expensive on some items?

Our items ship from Ohio.  The most expensive rates are to California, due to dimensional weight shipping and different zones.  To learn more about dimensional weight, go here.  Until then we are still searching for carriers who can lower our shipping rates.  

I'm having problems with international shipping at checkout.

We offer shipping to Great Britain, Canada and Australia. If you live in a different country, please shop on our Etsy, where complete worldwide shipping is available.  If you are purchasing an item to be shipped to Australia, any package over 46 inches is prohibited, thus no rate will be generated for the item.  Any packages with a combined girth of 108 inches are also restricted from shipping to Australia.  

This item is a gift, I need it by a certain time.

Just ask!  We may be able to accommodate your time frame.  


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